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Retirement Housing Options for Seniors

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When a loved one reaches a point where they need more help than you can provide, it can feel overwhelming to try to figure out what to do. Before you start to explore what options are available in your community, you should know a few basic facts about senior

Alice Griffith Housing Redevelopment Project

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Currently in the Bay View District of San Francisco, the Candlestick Point-Hunters Point Shipyard is pending approval for redevelopment and revitalization. This includes the 256-unit Alice Griffith housing development known as Double Rock. The Bay View District is not one of the safest neighborhoods with its high crime rate

Nadya Suleman and the Housing Crisis

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Everyone understands and is aware of the story of Nadya Suleman otherwise known as the octomom. We are aware that she was already struggling with six children and decided to have more and ended up having eight. We also know that she is seriously in denial. However, I bet

Alaska’s Matanuska Valley: Housing Market’s in a Slump, But Don’t Lose Hope

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Living in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, located in southcentral Alaska, has long been a dream for some people. Even though the city of Wasilla has a sales tax and your next door neighbor could rival Jed Clampett for “Redneck of the Year”, people still want to live here. It

How to Survive the Housing Market Crash

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With the economic crisis at hand, many markets were affected. However the market which, in my opinion, is affected the most is the housing market. It affected everyone from home-owners, to landlords ,to singles living in an apartment, to family oriented homes. The recession did not discriminate. With ranged

How to Play it Safe in Today’s Housing Market and Save Money

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While the housing market has shown some signs of starting to recover and gain momentum, foreclosure signs are much more common and for sale signs that stay in yards for months are commonplace. While some homeowners may not have any choice but to sell, many homeowners may simply try

Five Questions About the Current Housing Market

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In the past few years the real estate market has proven that it is not as safe and reliable as it once was thought. The average price for a home almost doubled from January 2000 to mid-2006 (According to the First American Loan Performance Index). Since 2006 house prices

My Experience with the Housing Market Crash

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Remember the good old days? No I’m not talking about the 1950s. I’m talking about when a house was worth what you paid for it. I’m talking about when you had a job and could pay your mortgage. I am about to relate to you my personal experience with

How to Fix the Housing Market

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The economy is in such upheaval that no one seems to know where to turn. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions, but which one is the right one and why? There is no way to know for sure how to get out of this mess, but the old

How the Broken Housing Market Can Fix Your Debt

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  Step One: Find a House Worth Viewing Go to real estate websites that sell property in your area, such as Prudential Preferred Realty, Remax Realty, and Century 21. Type in your zip code and search for listings in your area; be sure to use the filter options in