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Housing and Urban Development from 1985-2010

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HUD, officially Housing and Urban Development, has been around since 1965 as a cabinet level government agency. It was born out of the The Housing Act of 1937. With that legislation not too much was done in the way of actual housing improvements and the idea waned – probably

Housing Grants Keeping the Needy Class in Mind

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Housing grants are basically designed keeping the needy class people in mind. This class usually includes those who are physically challenged, having some kinds of disabilities or individuals and households confronting financial and economic hardships, single mothers desperately looking to move out from a hostile surrounding and shift into

Renting Vs Buying: How to Find Affordable Housing in NYC

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Trying to find a place to live in New York City really depends a lot on your budget. In my experience I have found that your income determines which section of New York you will be able to live in. Most people who have families would prefer to rent

Housing Guide: The Basics of Interpreting and Signing a Lease Agreement

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If you’ve ever rented an apartment anywhere before, you should be familiar with the lease signing process. If this will be your first time renting somewhere, you will soon learn that the lease is your official contract between you, the renter, and the owner of the place, the landlord

New Jersey’s Affordable Housing: What They Don’t Tell You

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Trying to find information on New Jersey’s affordable housing process can definitely be a challenge. Especially since that process can vary depending on what town you happen to live in. After doing some very extensive research, and speaking with people who have gone through this very complicated process, I

Is Affordable Housing Really Affordable?

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Many people are so eager to try and find affordable housing in their general area, because they want to see how much cheaper they can get their rent. However in some places, especially in New Jersey, affordable housing can be just as expensive. Of course you will be able

How to Obtain a Free Government Housing Grant

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Many Americans cannot afford housing. If you are one of these individuals, do not think your only option is the generosity of friends and relatives or a local shelter. There are government grants available to assist people with housing expenses that do not have to be paid back. The

Is the High Cost of Housing Getting You Down?

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With McMansions popping up on every corner, more and more people are working longer, and harder to keep up the payments on these fancy digs. At some point in time the thought runs through the minds of some owners, is it worth it? For some it is, but for

How to Avoid Housing Scams on Craigslist

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Craigslist is a tremendously valuable instrument to look for and find facts on houses. It’s utilized to obtain roommates, houses and apartments for rent, purchase real estate and switch houses in addition to submit the sort of housing you require. It’s no shock that thief’s have perceived this as

How to Find Short-Term Housing when Relocating

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The best option when you are relocating and need a place to stay for up to 3 months is to stay with family or friends if all possible. Unfortunately, this is not always an option, so here are some other ideas to make your transition to a new city