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How to Resolve the Housing Crisis

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During a recent interview Warren Buffet suggested a possible solution to the housing crisis, he wanted to halt all new residential housing construction. He felt that that would give the build up in the housing inventory a chance to be reduced to normal levels. Part of the problem of

Senior Citizens and Their Housing Program

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One of the highlights from the system is to provide numerous senior housing choices for oldsters to choose their personal preferences. Seniors can remain in their own houses, rent an apartment and even decide to go into a recognized care service specializing to satisfy their psychological requirements. This kind

Housing Forecasts

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The state of Texas has been more fortunate than most when it comes to stability in the real estate market. It is because of this that most Texas homes have weathered the storm of the recent fall out in the national market. However, surviving doesn’t always mean thriving. Even

100 Square Ft Homes: Small Low Impact Housing

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The housing market is in free fall, the sub prime mortgage companies are folding, and disappearing into the sunset. New Mac Mansions sit empty for months on end, nobody can afford them anymore. So where’s a person to live. Full time RV’ing is an option, but they’re built so

Affordable Housing, Moving, and the Effects it Has on Your Kids

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Affordable housing can’t be found anywhere these days. No matter where you live the cost of housing has skyrocketed so high that it has become nearly impossible for anyone to be able to rent never mind own a home. It’s sad, because everyone wants a piece of the American

Tiny Houses: An Alternative Housing Solution

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If you’re overburdened by a monster mortgage and are looking to downsize in preparation for retirement, consider the ultimate in downsizing: A Tiny House. Tiny Houses are springing up across the country as a viable housing alternative that really works for many people. Two inventive builders, Peter King, of

Housing: Who Can Afford It?

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All my life I’ve lived in and around the city of Chicago, Illinois. Every year I have seen the price of housing rise higher and higher, but I have yet to see paychecks “rise” to the occasion. The two-bedroom apartment I grew up in, that cost my mom $500.00

Foreclosure Scam with Declining Housing Prices

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States like Michigan have had a 147% increase in foreclosures in the last month alone (InfoTrac, 2020). The unemployment rate is also considered extremely high in the area with 8.2% of the population unemployed. If were to add the people not even registered to work within the Detroit area

America’s Housing Crisis, It’s More Than Just a House for Auction

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We all have read the articles and seen the tv news detailing America’s housing crisis and the impact that is being felt everywhere these days. But I had a realization today of just how real this housing crisis is for American’s. America’s Housing Crisis – It’s Everywhere There is

Ability Housing Renovates Apartment Complexes for the Homeless in Northeast Florida

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Ability Housing is an organization that helps people in Northeast Florida in danger of losing their homes, people who are already homeless, and adults with disabilities. This is a not-for-profit organization located in Jacksonville, Florida at 126 W. Adams Street, Suite 502. Their website is . It is