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Are Tiny Homes Really a Realistic Housing Option?

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The collapse of the housing market, the resulting credit crunch, a high unemployment rate and the threat of impending environmental disasters have many people in the U.S. and around the world re-thinking the way they live with an emphasis on cutting back on expenses, buying fewer products and reducing

Finding Affordable Housing: What You Pay For

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If you are like most home buyers you probably have a budget that you have to follow. After all, there are not too many people who can afford to buy anything and everything on the market. But even if you have a budget, you may find it difficult to

Senior Housing in Nashville, Indiana

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Senior citizens in Nashville, Indiana have a new and exciting housing option at Willow Manor Apartments. Many senior citizens are finding affordable senior housing much harder to locate and finding premiere affordable housing can be even more difficult. Most seniors are looking for a community where they will feel

Public Housing: The Hassles That Should Never Be

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  There are certain things that most of us take for granted will be routine in our lives: picking up the mail from our mailboxes; transitioning from outside of our homes to inside of our homes; the ability to open the windows to our homes on a sunny day;

Affordable Housing Alternatives

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When the economy is thriving, few people would ever think of buying a manufactured or modular home. With greater financial constraints, many people are bound to consider a factory built home as a housing alternative. A careful pondering of the following might lead some to actually pursue that alternative.

How to Predict a Rise in Housing Prices

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Economists have long known the correlation between housing prices (called as new starts) and house rentals. This may seem awkward for some but there is always a pattern in economic cycles. This pattern is also very noticeable in the housing market if one just pays close attention to prices

Housing Prices in Springfield, IL

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According to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, “Springfield and Sangamon County offer a wide variety of housing options at costs that are among the lowest in the United States. For quarter one of 2010, Springfield ranked twenty-third nationwide “ . (Commerce n.d.) . So it was not surprising to

How to Find Housing Rentals Based on Your Income

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  The economy is slow. The real estate market sucks. Its cheaper to just rent a flat or apartment nowadays. But, with money not flowing and jobs becoming more scarce everyday, even the most reasonably priced rentals are too expensive.   There’s help for low income families that’s not

What is a Public Housing Certificate?

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The Public Housing Authority is federal government with local branches that provides public-housing financial assistance to low-income individuals and families. Your local housing authority offers programs, such as the Section 8 Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program, which includes certificates given to tenants of public housing. The certificate includes a certain

Tips for Finding Senior Housing

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I recently have had the opportunity to look for senior housing for my mother. I found out that it is very easy to go insane when you are looking for senior housing since there is so much to choose from in the way of senior housing. You need to