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Buying Cheap Homes: HUD Foreclosed Homes

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We’ve all heard the unverifiable cheap home legends, told in hushed, awed tones: The savvy friend of a friend who bought a dirt cheap home and rented it out for a profit: tax-delinquent, abandoned home for the cut-rate price of one dollar. The cousin-in-law of a co-worker who purchased

How to Find a HUD Registered Agent

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Investing in a mortgage loan is a long-term financial debt that takes strong discipline, dedication, and a consistent income to maintain. Searching for the best possible interest rates can be a difficult challenge, but with the assistance of a HUD registered agent (Housing and Urban Development), this process can

How to Apply for HUD Housing in Texas

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  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a federal program that provides housing assistance to families. The Texas division of HUD, also known as the Public Housing Agency (PHA), provides a program that allows people to find affordable housing within their economic means in Texas.