How to Obtain a Free Government Housing Grant

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How to Obtain a Free Government Housing Grant

Many Americans cannot afford housing. If you are one of these individuals, do not think your only option is the generosity of friends and relatives or a local shelter. There are government grants available to assist people with housing expenses that do not have to be paid back. The government has allocated millions of dollars to these grants, in pre-set amounts. You can obtain a free government housing grant in a few simple steps:

Calculate how much money you need. Since each government grant is a pre-determined amount, you may actually have to combine several grants to obtain the money you need. Since you are not limited in the number of grants you apply for, this is not a problem. On most grant applications, you will have to list any other grants that you have received.

Search online for listing of free government housing grants. Once you’ve determined how much grant money you need, search online for a listing of free government housing grants. You can search through a portal such as Yahoo or Google. Click on each site that is returned to see if it is legitimate. Any site that asks you for money it is a scam, as you can easily find this information at no cost to you.

Narrow down your list. After you’ve found a trustworthy listing of government housing grants, you need to narrow down that list to ones in which you meet the criteria. Each government housing grant will have different requirements, such as where you live, or a particular group of people. For instance, some housing grants are intended for low income individuals, some for people who have lost their home to a natural disaster. It is important to read the criteria and make sure you are eligible.

Fill out your application. When you have found government housing grants that you are eligible for, you can begin the application process. Each housing grant will have its own application forms and application process. You may be able to download the appropriate forms from the website. has this feature.

Upon completion of the appropriate application forms you can send your application in for your free government housing grant. Be sure that you send it to the correct location via the specified way. Some will want the completed application mailed, others may accept faxes.

Free government housing grants can help alleviate the financial problems in your life and let you get a fresh start on life.

It is now the summer of 2007 and many things have changed in Seminole County. For starters home sales are down a whopping 47%. What did they expect? We are 45 minutes to an hour away from Disney how can you really put that down as a feature of your home. They were trying to sale a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that needs work for 350,000. Don’t forget to add your property taxes and your insurance. Which by the way, look into that. So many companies have stopped selling insurance to residents in Florida. They can’t afford to keep us due to the hurricanes. If you drive around any neighborhood you will find homes for sale. I may not have specifics but I watch my local news and right now Florida’s foreclosure rate is thru the roof. People would go out and they would convince the bank that they could afford those 3,000.00 monthly payments on those homes. They would sign up for that adjustable interest rates where one month you might pay 6 % and the next 12%. How do you budget for something you have no control over?

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