Affordable Housing, Moving, and the Effects it Has on Your Kids

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Affordable housing can’t be found anywhere these days. No matter where you live the cost of housing has skyrocketed so high that it has become nearly impossible for anyone to be able to rent never mind own a home.

It’s sad, because everyone wants a piece of the American dream. Everybody wants to have a house, with a big backyard, and a white picket fence But that dream is becoming less and less of a reality. Unless you’re rich, of course.

Our local governments are trying to make affordable housing for those of us who can’t afford their own homes. However, if you want an affordable home, you have to wait on a list and/or be out of your home for a certain amount time. That is if you’ve already tried to afford a regular home on your own and were unable to keep it because your payments were too high. The same goes for renting. It’s cheaper than owning a home. But it’s not much cheaper.

Why should we have these restrictions on affordable housing? If we don’t have a home, because we are unable to afford one then why should we have to be stuck waiting? It’s not right. Some of us have no place to go. So we just keep moving around from place to place. Hoping that you can hold on until the affordable housing committee calls you and tells you that they finally have a home available for you. So what it’s just a few more months or years until they do. Right? Who’s it hurting to keep shuffling around for the time being? Your kids, that’s whose getting hurt.

That’s right. If you have any children and you move around a lot like myself you may notice that this affects your children’s social skills.

I’m not saying that this happens all the time, but it happens more often than people think. If a family moves around a lot a child may not want to make and form long-lasting relationships with the other children. They’re afraid of getting too close and emotionally attached to their friends; because when it comes time to move again they’ll be hurt all over again. So they become introverted and prefer to be alone as opposed to having friends

What about the kids always having to start over again at a new school? That can be a very scary and emotionally draining time for them. That isn’t good either. As soon as they get used to their teachers and their surroundings they have to pack up again. It’s not fair to them.

Moving from place to place is unfortunately a necessity for some of us who are unable to get affordable housing. It sure would be nice to get the help we need now. That way we can stop packing and stay in one place.