Low Cost Housing, Cheap Housing or Affordable Homes – it All Boils Down to Cutting Cost

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Low Cost Housing, Cheap Housing or Affordable Homes – it All Boils Down to Cutting Cost

Irrespective of the name you give to it – low cost housing, cheap housing or affordable homes – it all boils down to cutting cost. In the United State of America, the household budget accounts for 30 percent of the family earnings. This is a large sum of money.

This figure exceeds the cost of expenditures that goes into transportation and savings which is estimated at 16 percent. When one does not have to pay for mortgage, one’s earnings will go a long way to sustain him/ her. One can also chose to reduce the number of hours he works when there are fewer expenses.

In our present world, many have become victims of the economy and some are only the victims of the poor decision that they made. It is unwise to make payments for a house that puts one in a tight situation. It is important that one has a roof over his head, otherwise living a normal life will be very difficult.

A good number of people follow in the footsteps of those that have gone before them. Even if those ones did not get a positive result. The truth is that there are many other alternatives available to us and these alternatives might be better than the present ones we have in terms of budget and lifestyle.

The cheaper house alternatives available include

  1. Rent a Room: This is a good option to consider if seeking for cheap home. Most homeowners do not mind putting up a room for lease. It avails them an income by the side. This is a win – win situation for both the home owner and the person seeking to rent a room.
  2. Move in with family: This option is not always desirable by many as it might come with some restrictions. However, it is quick is similar to living with a roommate. A son or daughter can decide to live with an aging parent. This will help cut cost and also give room for family ties to be strengthened.
  3. Live on a boat: this might not seem pleasant but there are people who actually live on a boat. If this does not seem comfortable, then it should be considered as a temporary arrangement until finance picks up.
  4. Rent a Cottage: During the off seasons, there is the likelihood of getting a good deal. This might require that you do a little investigation to determine the cottages that are available and compare prices.
  5. Become a caretaker to a house that is to be foreclosed: This is indeed cheap housing, it might require a little bit of research. The idea is to occupy the home and keep the house presentable by taking the cost of keeping the house occupied, cut the grasses and make it look presentable.
  6. Become a house sitter: this will require that you watch over the house while the owner is away. This will avail you some of the best accommodations for a short period of time. You will get paid and as well cut cost on your home during this period that you will be house-sitting.